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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is the process where 100% human hair is used to alter your natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to your natural hair or by covering the natural hair altogether with human hair pieces.

Some of the advantages of hair weaves are that they can lengthen hair, add volume and/or thickness to fine or thinning hair, and add fashion colors to natural hair without the damage of chemicals. The process of adding colors to natural hair is usually done with strand-by-strand extension systems.

Hair Extension

Hair extension refers to the weave hair being applied strand by strand rather than in long, sewn-together rows. These can then be attached by bonding directly to the hair or by other means and provides the most natural look.

Just like any wig or wigpiece, the colors for hair to be weaved can range from "realistic" colors, such as black, red, brown, and blonde, to colors such as pink, blue, green, and purple.

Hair Bonding

In our culture today hair is a sign of prosperity and fertility. Bonding is a popular weaving method and a great way to add volume or vibrant streaks of color to your natural hair.

Tracks of hair are glued to the roots of your own hair with a special adhesive. Bonding can also be done by attaching toupees (and custom wigs) with a medical grade to your natural hair.