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Ruby Reddy

" Beauty of a woman lies in her hair. When my hair started thinning down, I was very stressed out. After hearing about Hair Amazon and using their products for the last 2 years I am totally stress free now.
01:03, 16 Dec, 2012


" Due to my baldness, I was losing out on wedding alliances. I totally lost my confidence in personal and professional life. Then my friend advised me to go to Hair Amazon. My life has now changed completely. I owe it all to Hair Amazon. Thanks guys!
04:09, 18 Jan, 2011


" When I decided to go for Silicon gel hair fixing, I enquired everywhere in Bangalore. It was so costly everywhere and I thought I will not be able to use it. Finally I came across Hair Amazon. Prices are definitely the best in town. The technicians are really great, and I would definitely suggest Hair Amazon to anyone who is suffering from hair loss. Thank you so much!
11:35, 12 Mar, 2010

Rohit Singh

" Being a college student with severe hair loss was extremely difficult for me. Thanks to the team from Hair Amazon, I have regained my confidence and feel great!

05:11, 12 Nov, 2009


" Thank you! I wasted so many years and money searching for the best solution for my male pattern baldness. I am very satisfied with my hair patch and natural look.

01:15, 12 Mar, 2009